Cirque De La Quirk lived up to their word and bought the carnival to Camden Town on Friday the 21st April. All the beautiful freaks and wonderful weirdos were out in their glitziest gowns. Clowns, Mimes, Lion Tamers the lot. cirquedelaquirkwarmupwiggle_0002ulxmusic_hannahnashI was greeted with a sparkling smile and a warm welcoming feeling, like I’d just met my long lost family. The steps inside were lined with vintage red rose petals and silver, gold and ruby hearts. Shimmering fairy lights, giant cards and a show stopping light up Cirque sign decorated the main room, while upstairs cozy bean bags were scattered around the floor.

Hearty bass andlively beats were bursting out the speakers as the Rumpstempers span a seriously high energy set of electro swing, funk and gypsy sounds. Electrifying acts from members of The Forgotten Circus topped off the entertainment, with poi, hula hoops, contortionists and more. The organisers grasped the colourful glamour of a festival with the raw muddyness of it perfectly. Miles Metric took over on the decs playing some wonderful grimey tracks, mixing D’n’B with garage, techno and most everything else. The tempo was bouncy and the bass pounding, everyone was having a damn good time!

cirquedelaquirkwarmupwiggle_0003ulxmusic_hannahnashIt wasn’t all about the music and circus acts though with the Wonky Race’s comical activities, including space hopper races and other side acts such as the glitter box – a human sized box you climb inside, leaving you a bit like a walking talking glitter ball! Play Doh making competitions were held along with the dance off of all dance offs, which was just brilliant!  Cirque MC’s Jackie Jibbles and Madame Molly hosted the dance off, a list of dancing styles was on stage and a big wheel spun with numbers relating to them. To my surprise and delight out of nowhere my cousin just went for it! The competition started with interpretive dance, going into metal and riverdance but it was her Dad dancing that got her into the final three up against two lads. They battled it out with their best ballet moves my cousin coming in joint first winning tickets to the Isle of Wight Festival!

The night continued with an invigorating set from Slamboree founder Freear, and an epic live performance from FireFarm. Fusing many styles of underground electronic music they put on a truly riveting show. Vocalist Zoe Moxie was a sprightly soul, they were all in all a very dynamic act and well worth checking out! I continued to dance the night away under the sea of UV bubbles, taking a turn on one of the space hoppers and flittering between newly made groups of friends.


Four AM came around far too fast and it was sadly time to go home. It was a brilliantly quirky and fabulously fantastical event, undoubtedly the best night I’ve had out in a long time and I cannot wait until June to relive the magical moment again.

The Cirque De La Quirk crew will be at the Isle of Wight Festival all weekend with plenty more whacky activities and top class acts to keep you entertained.

A massive well done has to be given to Molly and Jack for putting on such a successful event.


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