I was back at the jam night at The Crispin on Monday the 16th of February. This week was a lot more laid back and quiet but excellent none the less.


I walked in to Jake playing a solo set on an electric guitar which was quite good. He played a 4 song set ending with the song ‘Born and Raised’ by John Mayer. It was upbeat, fun and really well played!

Next up, was Andy Charles, he played a 5 song set including 2 tunes by John Mayer (‘Something Like Olivia’ and ‘Good Love is on The Way’) and some older songs from John Martyn (‘Over The Hill, and ‘May You Never’). It was a pleasure to watch.


Dylan Jaggard took the stage next, he is the bassist for ‘Amber Management’ but tonight was on guitar and vocals. He started off with ‘Sullivan Street’ by the Counting Crows. It was interesting to hear that song being sung with an English accent as opposed to the very American voice on the original track. He pulled it off though. After a second song, which was quite morose, Amber Katie, joined him on vocals. Their set ended very well, by adding a drummer and doing ‘Dr. Feelgood’ .


Next came a very eventful set containing a double bass played by Steve, a mandolin player, and a guitar played by Chris. Their 5 song set was very country folk especially when they added a drummer for the 4th song. That song was also memorable by the fact that Steve, the double bassist, played his bass whilst standing on a chair, he then laid on the floor and played, and finished off the show by playing it upside down. It was a treat! They finished off their set with ‘Bad Moon Rising’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival. They were highly entertaining.


Things slowed down at this point with a 4 song set by Dale Evans. This was a very good set because she used a Spanish guitar whose more mellow tones complimented her voice perfectly.


Second to last act of the night was Steve Heath who was a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute man for the night. He played their songs ‘Road Trippin”, ‘Aeroplane’, ‘Can’t Stop’, and ‘Under The Bridge’. There were a few guitar hiccups, but playing that intricate of guitar, it was amazing that he did as well as he did.

We finished off the night with the same man who began, Jake, except this time he was joined by the double bassist, Steve, and a drummer named Connor. They finished off the night with a 3 song set which included ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ first performed by Bill Withers. It was a really great way to finish the night and hopefully next week will be just as lively!

Written by Stephanie Manfield

A.I.M.M's first big show of the year

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