Dials Festival 2015


British summer festival season is officially over but the winter indoor festival season is just beginning!

Today (October 3rd), across 5 venues in Southsea,  is Dials festival, a celebration of the countries finest bands who are all pumped and ready to show off their talents to buzzing crowds at each venue! With Southsea Fest taking a year off, Dials Festival was put together by local promoters, bloggers and music fans to fill the gap!

Alice Jemima - Photography by Jo Peters

Alice Jemima – Photography by Jo Peters

I start the day (albeit a bit late) at the Wedgewood Rooms and i’m greeted by the raucous noise of female fronted hard hitters Wyldest who are giving it their all in front of a crowd who were previously oblivious to their existence but nod their heads and happily tap their feet! After their set I head next door to the ‘Edge of the Wedge’ to catch the beautiful tones of Rob Da Bank’s latest signing and Devon born and bred Alice Jemima who nails every note of her electronically backed, self penned songs about the struggles of British life and dead relationships. The subject matter may be somber but this girl has some energetic stage presence and the crowd are in awe of her!

On my way to check out what the other venues have to offer I’m drawn back towards the Wedgewood Rooms by the beautiful electronic indie sounds of Curxes who are a 3 piece to watch out for, with Macaulay Hopwood’s synthesised guitar sound and Roberta Fidora’s powerful vocals I couldn’t help but be drawn in!

Next, I venture to Little Johnny Russels Bar to catch indie funk duo The Diamond Age, their futuristic sound is echoing onto the street, everyone is amazed at how much noise just 2 men and a laptop can produce! This duo are fired up and raring to rock! Coming on after, are all female techno infused prog rock trio  Peluche, who, with their drummer/clarinet player bring a touch of raucous ambience to the festival!

Heading over the road to the The Loft above the kings bar are Storms. Stopping by on their UK tour this deafening post Grunge four piece break their vocal chords and the audience’s ear pieces in punk rock style as they bombard the spectators with a show to behold that would make The Smashing Pumpkins jealous.  Next up to tear the loft a new one are Kent boys Broken Hands, they smash the venue and themselves to bits with their prog post rock blues! This long haired five piece know where they come from musically and prove their might to a rock hungry crowd!

Broken Hands - Photography by Jo Peters

Broken Hands – Photography by Jo Peters

Across the road in Al Burrito, Dead Rabbits are about to decimate this Mexican restaurant turned music venue to dust with the type of psychedelic rock that kids of their age should’ve only heard about via earwigging their parents drunken reminisces! They play this style of music with such ease it flows through their souls. They are too young to know but wise enough to kick a new spin on the psychedelic rock genre!

Black Honey - Photography by Jo Peters

Black Honey – Photography by Jo Peters

Back to the wedge and Fickle Friends are the ultimate penultimate band who whip up a racket and cause a frenzy that would be hard for any band to follow!

 You would of thought Following that would be tough, but Brighton’s Black Honey are no pushovers. Fronted by Izzy B Phillips, she can switch from a smile to snarl within a single line. And the rest of the band can rock out with the best of them, with hints of surf-rock amid the feedback, they bring the Edge stage to a sweaty close. Wedgewood Rooms headliners Hooton Tennis Club deserve a better response than they get from a lacklustre crowd. Their indie-rock draws from the jangle of Teenage Fanclub as well as the fuzzier likes of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr, and is strong on memorable tunes. And the final guitar blowout on set-closer Always Coming Back 2 You is particularly impressive! A grand way to end a day of celebrating up and coming stars of the music scene!

All in all a grand day out has taken place and every band that played should be proud of the stir they have all caused around Southsea! Same time next year? I hope so!

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