Dub Pistols Interview – Blissfields 2015

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After their extremely high energy set at Blissfields we had a chance to catch up with the Dub Pistols. Here’s what they had to say…

Every Time I’ve watched you play you’ve had a bottle of finlandia vodka on stage with you, is there a story behind this or is it just coincidence? (Question from reader Ted Warren for Barry Ashworth)

Barry Ashworth- Do you know what, I fucking like it. And it’s not just one bottle, he’s a lying little shit, it’s two bottles. And that’s before we even start[….] and it’s not just that vodka it’s any vodka.

When you started did you ever think you would become this big?

Barry – Are you fucking shitting me, are you shitting me? We ain’t even fucking big! We’re the biggest losers you’ve ever met! Have you looked on the bill, we’re like the bad eye test. (Laughing) Seriously, I’m a goon.

(Turns to Seanie Tee) – Did you ever think we were going to make it this big Sean?

Seanie – Nah, mate it’s just the eye test theory.

Barry – I’m living the fucking dream! (laughs) No, I never thought we were gonna get this big.


Any advice for new people starting up in the business?

Dave Budgen  – Don’t! (others join in Don’t) – Don’t do it, try harder at school!

Sean – Be original, don’t copy the dub pistols, it doesn’t work anywhere else.

Dave – Enjoy music from influences you like, but make it your own.

Barry – Do y’know what, if you wanna make a living out of it be a wedding fucking band, do a function band, do anything apart from trying to make it in the music industry, it’s fucked!

Sean – Sing Lionel Richie covers!

Thomas Mark Photography

Thomas Mark Photography

What has been your favourite festival moment so far?

John King – Falling off the stage, and hurting myself, in France.

Tim Hutton – Electric castle last weekend, 10,000 people with their hands up in the air singing the words of mucky weekend.

Barry – He’s lying! He doesn’t just play with the Dub Pistols he plays with Ian Brown, Groove Armada, he plays lots of the prodigy songs. So what he’s saying is an absolute lie! You remember that there was a big picture in the NME of someone punching someone because of Ian Brown, That was him. Punching the intruder on Ian Browns stage. Is that right?

Tim – That was just an ordinary gig.

Dave – He is a nice guy, he’s a really nice guy

Tim – I never do that sort of thing normally but, the cat was on our tail.

Jack – Probably last year at glastonbury, all the other stages shut apart from ours and there was people just swarming into the tent

Seanie Tee – I haven’t got 1, but my 2 best festivals must be electric castle in Romania, and Blissfields. They took me crowd surfing, you know when you’re fighting, your rolling against the tide, that’s what I was doing! They took me far. I think it’s the 3rd time I’ve done Blissfields and the 3rd time I’ve crowd surfed.

Barry – He’s learning, he’s learning.

Seanie – 3 times and 3 times blissfields. & electric castle, This geez shows me how the surfing goes (talking about Barry)

Dave – Right best festival moments. One of them’s got to be snowbombing, I met my girl there, I dangled her off a hotel balcony and I knew that was going to be that and we we’re going to be hanging out together forever. Electric Castle always, absolutely amazing, and then on stage here about 2 years ago, I found myself in a bit of a pickle, and, er had to relive myself whilst playing the gig. so yeah, that was a good moment!

Barry – Every single fucking day that I breath and I’m alive, and you can stand there and you come here. I dunno how many years we’ve played this place, there’s no best moment. But today was up there, and every single time we take to the stage it has to be the best day of your life if not, it’s finished so there is no best moment there is only tomorrow. There’s only today live for now live right where you are and that’s it. forget the rest.

What is it about Blissfields that keeps drawing you back?

Dave – We keep getting invited! (laughs) We like it, it’s good, it’s like going back to your best mates house.

Barry – I’ll tell you what it is about Blissfields, It’s about Paul and Mel and the crew that are around them, that put their heart and soul into this. I don’t know how many times we’ve been lucky enough to be invited back, every single year it just amazes you. As family festivals go, you’ve got to remember that’s what it is, it’s a family festival but a whole lot more[….] They book amazing bands and apart from us every band that’s played on that mainstage has gone onto huge success.

Seanie – Do y’know what it is, I think blissfields just want us to themselves, I think that what it is. So you can have us!

Dave – We’ll be your dirty mistress.

Barry – If I was in charge of booking the headliner, I’m not blowing my own trumpet or anything but,[…..] who else would you book? (Stevie Wonder)

Dave – Well that would work!

Barry – Well Stevie Wonder might notice us on the bill, but no seriously apart from that, us clearly, I’d put us on the bill, but it doesn’t matter where we are on the bill, whoever they wanna book, just book ’em.

What was the inspiration for peaches? (Question from reader Darren Hall)

Barry – Tits.

Thomas Mark Photography

Thomas Mark Photography

Last one who is your favourite new artist? (Question from reader Dave Ody)

Tim- My favourite new artists are those guys that just played, the Malian guys, what’s there names?

Songhoy Blues?

Tim – Songhoy Blues! Remember them! They were brilliant. (John agrees)

Jack – I’ve been listening to a lot of maribou state at the moment, their new album is amazing.

Seanie – I’m sorry I don’t have 1, but I’m gonna mention 3 one of them you going to know, Chronixx, Busy Signal & Stephen Marley. That’s who i’m rocking with right now [….] Sorry they’re not really newish.

Dave – I’ve got a new one, Leaders they played here earlier on today proper decent geezers, hilarious and a good band as well.

Barry – Just going back to what was our inspiration for peaches, the stranglers are one of the best bands in the world, one of the best bass lines in the world. Do y’know what I mean[?….]That’s why we did it because it’s an amazing song, it’s an amazing band and we wanted to pay homage to that.

Seanie (to barry) – And who’s your favourite new artist at the moment?

Barry – You know there’s just too much, you can’t say. Every single day I get sent as a dj, as an artist or as a producer songs that just make me go shit I need to rethink my shit and get on it! Right now like they said, chronixx, really if we could bring him into to what we’re doing it would blow my mind. But to be honest the artists that I’m in with right now, Seanie Tee is up and rising, Jack is doing his own shit. Tim Hutton who does everyone’s shit. Dave Budgen who is just working with so many people, he’s probably the baddest ass bass player you’ve ever seen. And Johnny who has just returned to the band, they’re the people I wanna work with.

Dave – Shout out to Barry Ashworth!

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