Photography by Hannah Nash
Duveaux are a favourite band for many on the Isle of Wight. They have a unique style mixing genres of music and have amazing stage presence. They recently won a competition to play a slot at Blissfields festival, we chatted to Luke Steen to find out a bit more about the band…

How long have you been playing, how did it all begin?

We’ve been playing together for almost 3 years. It all came about through Dan (our singer) having some songs that he was keen to perform and all of us knowing each other separately through different musical situations.

What were your goals when you first started?

Photography by Hannah Nash

Photography by Hannah Nash

Well most of us came straight out of playing in other successful island bands and as the kind of musicians we are we were looking to continue to challenge ourselves further, be it through songwriting, playing our instruments, or playing bigger and better shows.

What genre of music would you describe yourselves as?

We are always debating this question and even after every song we come up with a new response but recently we’ve been leaning towards Glam due our 70s influences and our preference for the dramatic.

You’ve recently bought out a new EP That Dangerous Gentleman
tell us a little more about the album..

Well That Dangerous Gentleman is an EP that took 5 days to record and we chose to record it at Skinny Mammoth Studios on the island. A decision we came to realise very quickly was a brilliant one not just because of the extremely top notch recording equipment but because of Stuart Fisher and Dave Waight’s understanding of our goals as a band in the studio and knowledge of arrangement and production. The process of recording though a challenge is one that we relish as a band and often flourish in as we have produced a product that we are truly proud of.

Photography by Hannah Nash

Photography by Hannah Nash

Your well known on the Isle of Wight especially on the festival scene what’s been your favourite Festival to play at so far?

At the Isle of Wight festival last year we were extremely lucky to headline the very prestigious Hard Rock Rising stage on the Thursday which was the highlight of all of our playing careers.

This year you are playing at Blissfields festival is this your first time playing there?

Yeah its our first time and we are really excited to play. We have an amazing slot!

You got your spot at Blissfields through the Road to Blissfields competition, talk us through the competition process.

Hundreds of artists and bands applied through sending in a track and only six were accepted into the live final.

You performed in the Final at the Edge of the Wedge how did the performance go?

Very well, we had a blast!

You were up against several other acts, how were the other performances?

The other performances were incredible displays of drastically different styles ranging from country to indie and beyond. Everyone played amazingly.

Who judged it?

It was judged by representatives from the festival and independent record labels.

What are you most looking forward to performing at Blissfields?

Well we’ve been getting a great response from playing our new single “There Goes My Dreams (Again)” live recently and we know having a big stage to jump around on will help them enjoy it too.

Who are you intending on watching while you’re there?

The Correspondents definitely, they’re always so exciting live and looking forward to seeing our good friends Plastic Mermaids perform.

Will you be bringing out any new material by then?

Not by then but we are in the planning stages of a new video but we’ll keep that under our top hats for now.

What else can we be looking forward to with you guys?

We’ve got lots of great island festivals coming up over the summer that we will announce pretty soon and we are always working on new material.

Anything you’d like to say to our readers?

We’d like to thank the readers of ULX music for supporting such great services as ULX as without the support of these great people bands like us would struggle to progress.

Interview by Hannah Nash.

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