Leonie May Bird talks about her time on the Island and what she’ll miss before heading over seas. Leonie will be greatly missed, but we wish her the best of luck in her new job and hopes she has an amazing time! Here’s what she had to say….

Tell us about your time at platform 1..

It was an interesting experience, I had loads of fun there. They offered me loads of opportunities that helped me become a musician and it was there I got introduced to the Ohmz as well.

I’ve heard that whilst you were there you went on a little tour to 11419902_884050901666265_1767824688_nAmsterdam, how was that ‘musically’ for you?

It was amazing, played in lots of different pubs and stuff like that. I met loads of awesome people  out there went on a boat trip and got to spend time with my friends out there too.

You’ve mentioned the Ohmz already, most the people over here probably know you best for playing with the Ohmz how did you originally get into the band?

It was while I was at platform 1, I met Anthony who was the old bass player, we became really good friends and he introduced me to the rest of the Ohmz and we started jamming together, and that’s how it started!

What has been your biggest highlight with the Ohmz, if you can cut it down to one?

Blimey! (laughs) Specifically? I don’t think I can actually pinpoint just a highlight! The tour obviously was a huge highlight, the Ben & Jerry’s was definitely a highlight as well but I don’t think I can specifically just highlight a point with the Ohmz because the whole time I’ve been on the Island it’s been about the Ohmz and the whole experience has just been incredible.

As you mentioned just now the Ben & Jerry’s thing you not so long ago played at the satisfy my bowl launch which was presented by David Rodigan, how was that experience for you?

Honouring really! Because we were picked by the Marley Family and just that on its own is incredible! The night was amazing, we saw and met loads of other awesome musicians as well and it was just, it was Incredible.

Sounds fantastic! The Ohmz have always been very much a festival highlight to me, what would you say has been your favourite festival so far?

Um well we’ve done loads we’ve done rhythm tree, Isle of Wight Festival, Bestival um and loads of other that have just been amazing! My highlights got to be last year at the Kashmir Café at the Isle of Wight Festival it was just amazing all my friends and the Ohmz family were there and just to have everyone around us and to have that buzzing feeling on stage it was just amazing.

Other then the Ohmz what other bands have you played with on the Island?

A fair few. I’ve played with Wight Floyd, done some stuff with born in a barn, done some Jazz nights with some incredible jazz musicians.. who else..


(laughs) Yea, Ska’d 4 life! AH! I couldn’t forget them! They we’re amazing went to the mainland and did a gig with them as well, that was amazing, the guys in Ska’d 4 life are incredible people.

11289677_884050898332932_1789831003_nObviously it’s been quite different genres of music that you’ve played within these different bands, how would say it was compared to what you’re normally used to playing?

Personally I found it quite easy, I’m also a vocalist and have sung many different genres and so I’ve taken those experiences from being a vocalist, playing them on my sax with different bands of different genres. It’s been quite fun and all quite different experiences really.

So you also write and play your own music what experiences have had with you solo stuff?

Well I’ve done quite a few little things here and there. My own music was more of a kind of emotion thing where I’d write music to get it out of my system almost. I did do a fair few things – I did rhythm tree last year which was amazing. I loove rhythm tree it’s an amazing festival so everyone has to go to that one! (laughs) I did Glastonbury in 2012 I did that as a solo, and also Emma Johnson from Charming came along and did some Duo stuff with me too. I did my launch night in 2012 as well which was overwhelming the amount of people who came and supported was incredible and it inspired me to keep writing music and do a little bit more with my solo stuff, and, um I loved it!

This is actually the first I’ve heard about Glastonbury so you’re going to have to elaborate on that now..!

(laughs) It was Aarron Baker who got me to play there, it was really nice actually! It was in a quiet part of Glastonbury festival in the VIP area we did an hour or 2 a day, and was yea.. really nice!

Right then big question but.. What are you going to miss the most about the Isle of Wight?

AH Everything! TheOhmz – my family. I feel like since I’ve been on the Island five years now all my friends are like family ESPECIALLY the Ohmz they’ve been here from day one! Waking up in the morning and just being on the Isle of Wight it’s just amazing and I am going to miss it loads but I’ve got to say the Ohmz and my friends I’m going to miss the most.

Well the Islands definitely going to miss you. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers before you go? 

Support this magazine because it’s amazing! (laughs) and small Island businesses need every single bit of support. I’ve noticed since being on the Island the local music scene has been getting a bit damaged by the council and other things. Don’t let it happen. Like the Wight Rock need your support, every single pub in Ryde especially need your support so just go out there and go to gigs and stuff!!


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