“I do like coming to the Isle of Wight, mainly because you’re all mental!” – Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer.

With the release of his Christmas album (Mr B’s Christmas Album) Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer set off on tour through December. During his tour he returned to Coburgs, Ryde for a night of well spoken entertainment. As a child Mr B used to visit the Isle of Wight on Holidays, and he was overjoyed to be back on the Island playing to his fans who responded with rambunctious applause. He stuck around after his set to listen to the punk band following him as true gentleman would, and was welcoming to his followers giving time to talk to them. We managed to catch him before he left for a little chat about his music.


How did Mr B come to be?


I started chap hop in around 2007, it was a sort culmination of everything I’d done before, I’d been in a hip hop band, I’d been in a
banjolele band, and I was in a dandy punk band and I was very into the chappy scene. So, I thought I’d bring the whole thing together and it came to me one night in a pub – as these things tend to! So I was with some friends and I decided I was going to be Mr B the gentleman rhymer and it was going to be called chap-hop and the whole thing emerged fully formed straight away. I did a little song, put it up onto my space (it was that long ago) and somebody sent me a message asking if I could play at a little festival. So I thought, well, I’d better write some more songs! So I wrote a few more and played this festival, it was the first one I’d ever played on my own and so I was terrified but it went down a storm and it seemed to just carry on from there really.



So is it fair to say you were the original Chap-Hopper?


Well all I will say is this – that I invented the word Chap-Hop. That was my invention, so whether or not I was doing posh rap first, I can’t say. There was a chap who was doing things in the late 90’s in a posh rap way and there’s been comedians over the years who have done micky takes of hip-hop but I love Hip-Hop. I’m not taking the micky and saying isn’t this rubbish, I love hip hop and it’s what I do, so it’s an affectionate homage I’d say.


Your music is great amalgamation of clever lyrics, comedy and music. Which aspect of it do you most enjoy?


The thing I like the most? Well I like making music that’s my thing. I like making music and I also like having the chance to play around with language, because, I like language as well and so having the opportunity to play around with it is a lovely thing and I count myself very very lucky that I’m able to produce, I love playing the ukulele and banjolele so that’s incorporated and I like mucking around trying to be amusing sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not,  I enjoy it all.

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer’s Christmas album is available to purchase for £7.99 from:

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