Who is Confederate Fred? Is he a stone-cold army veteran who picked up a mangled fretless-bass amongst the horror of the American Civil War? Is he a shadowy, anonymous secret agent, or a mole working for the other side? Or could he be a drawing of a box wearing a nifty hat? Whoever Confed. Fred may be, its clear that he has a cracking taste in music. With an interesting and different sound, members Ollie Grant (drums) Kier Hicks (guitar/vocals) and Anthony Fellows-Ball (bass) represent the fresh-faced music that is continuously emitted from the Isle of Wight.


To say that Confed. Fred’s members are tapped into the vibrant music scene on the Isle of Wight would be an understatement. With a collective resume including Red Rock, The Ohmz and The Lewis Barry Blues Band, the trio have all been creatively involved with a plethora of interesting and diverse projects.

confed fred

Demo I is an extremely well made first effort for Confed. Fred. The debut EP is a classic example of a ‘less is more’ method. There are some heavy effects on the guitar and bass, but Demo I feels authentic and unprocessed nonetheless. Track 2, ‘In Terms Of Me’ has a pacey rhythm and jaunty vocals that set a mood of hyperactive playfulness. The song is perfectly moshable, and if you’re ever south of the Solent, ULX recommends you seek the shadowy and elusive Confed. Fred out.


The closing track ‘Blackout’ features a psychedelic guitar solo that sounds like it was passed through a laser gun. Topped off with the aforementioned funky bass line, the track is the perfect introduction to where Confed. Fred are destined to go over the next few years. In fact, there are elements of funk throughout Demo I, which adds a much needed groove to the dark and whirring guitar that permeates the EP.


Keep an eye on Confed. Fred’s social media for news of an upcoming Demo I release night! Well-done chaps! We salute you!

Written by Zoe Anderson

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