Grinagog2017_HannahNashPhotography_261_ULXMusicIt was another glorious day in Devon as we got ourselves ready for day two of Grinagog . We decided as we were by the sea that it would be a good idea to pirate up, eye patches, bandanas, feathers and fluff on we set sail upon the festival (with a quick detour by poundland to grab some plastics swords.) With the weather being as nice as it was we figured we’d stay outside a while and what better place to do that then in the One World cafe! Dj HiphopopotamusTropical Teaparty was in full swing, with sunshine vibes and uplifting beats radiating from the speakers. Dancing under the blue skies was simply lush, it definitely didn’t seem like an April day in England, and the added Limbo was great fun.


It was nice to be able to dip in and out of the main festival space and also enjoy the town with bands and buskers dotted along the scenic seafront. We spent as much time as we could outside before the sun went down, stumbling upon another group of pirates outside the One World Cafe. The Tent at Torre Abbey was another good place to catch some rays, with plenty of grass to lay back on and listen to the live music playing within. As it turned to night we made our way into the Forum for Rat Boy, it was a high energy set as he (along with the rest of the band) smashed out song after song with elements of punk, folk, hip-hop and funk fused together in different tracks.


After an hour of flittering about, chatting nonsense with strangers and gathering friends up it was time for Electric Swing Circus. Always a festival favourite for me, it doesn’t matter how many times I watch them I never get bored of their music. It was great to hear some new songs on their set list it, and their older songs still went down a treat such as Bella Belle, and Everybody wants to be a cat. Their enthusiasm and connection with the crowd is what makes them really special, you really can’t help but dance while they’re performing especially in that the two lead girls keep dancing throughout, it’s a surprise they have any breath left to sing!


There was another reason I had been so looking forward to Grinagog and that was to celebrate my birthday on the 9th, and so half way through Electric Swing Circus’s set the celebrations began! At the strike of midnight my friend transferred a toroflux she’d been carrying around all day onto my arm, an act which leaves me happy anyway but this toroflux turned out to be my toroflux! Smile beaming across my face, and chuffed to pieces with my present I danced relentlessly right through to the end of their set. Next up on the same stage was Mr Grinagog Festival himself DJ Chris Tofu alongside Pax Nindi. Chris Tofu’s sets are always wonderfully weird, fantastically fun and well crafted, he is the only person I know that can fill out a dance floor with ‘Old Macdonald’. Bouncy D’n’B and vintage remixes made up the majority of his set which I got to enjoy dancing on stage.Grinagog2017_HannahNashPhotography_389_ULXMusic


Safe to say it was a bloody good start to my birthday, I was buzzing from all the love from both my friends and new people I had met so far that weekend! The rest of the night seemed to just fly by, and there was just so much good music going on it’s no surprise! Jumping from room to room, (occasionally getting lost in random corridors) we partied like there was no tomorrow right up till five am. Sets from DJ Hiphopapotamus, Congo Natty, Serial Killaz and Pragmatik kept our feet moving, and high spirits burning. Eventually it was time for us to leave the venue, and go back to the van which was an interesting walk to say the least more on that in Sunday’s blog…

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