Leading on from 5 am Sunday here’s how the rest of the day went… Having lost one of the group (who happened to be looking after the bag of jumpers) the other two of us put our most adult heads on and got a space blanket off the paramedics. Cuddled underneath it we stomped along the coast, taking time to talk to the penguins on the way. We got back to the van to find her asleep and so proceeded to balance feathers on her head. 9am I fell asleep, 10am I was awoken, had a coffee shoved in my hand and was rolled out the van onto the beach to find a massive heart with my name in carved into the sand. Grinagog2017_HannahNashPhotography_451_ULXMusic


What a way to wake up on your birthday! Having pirated the day before we decided to make Sunday all about colour, and with a face covered in googly eyes, a glitter ball on my head we begun the beautiful walk to Torquay for the last time. We got back to festival and made a beeline for the paramedic van to grab some plasters to deal with the dancing related injuries incurred the night before. Feeling hungry (and having only eaten carrots and hummus every other day) it seemed a good idea to take advantage of the food stalls at Torre Abbey, the falafel wrap certainly did the trick! Yet again it was another glorious day, the hottest so far and the beach was just screaming out to be seen to. Just a stone’s throw away over the road from the abbey it would have been rude not to go and enjoy it.


A few sing songs later, and after some of us had taken a dip in the sea (I put my toes in, sunny as it was it wasn’t that warm) we relocated to the grass verge by the One World Cafe. The music again was spot on, and the good times just kept flowing. The weekend was starting to take it’s toll on us but we enjoyed ourselves none the less just a bit more horizontally than before. Teddy bear rolling on the grass, slithering around the place, jumping up every now and then for a boogie I was loving the music and just life in general. It was a very silly afternoon indeed!


The Grinagog DJs finished the festival off by playing in the Gathering Space, and while most people were outside we danced the last of it off inside. Our weekend didn’t finish there but it was sadly the end of Grinagog 2017. A massive congratulations has to be given to Chris Tofu and the Continental Drifts team behind the festival. Everyone I spoke to over the weekend were thoroughly enjoying themselves, there no doubt was a couple of first year teething problems but they weren’t noticeable. The lineup was strong, set in a fabulous location, I can see it growing year on year and cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store! Why wait till Summer to get your festival season started when you can start at the beginning of April! With such reasonably priced tickets you’d be fools not to! So I’ll say it again, big well done to all involved, see you by the beach next year!

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