Blissfields 2015 was the first full camping festival I covered as ULX Music, it was there I did my first two interviews one of them with Beans On Toast (Jay). Well a year had passed and I was back at Blissfields again and decided it was time to have a catch up with Jay. This is what he had to say…

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So it’s been about a year since we last chatted to you, in which time you’ve brought out a new album and been on tour – how did the tour go?


Jay – Errrr… The tour since the last time? Yeah, I don’t really know which one you’re talking about to be honest. I feel like there’s always a tour to a certain extent, but if we was chatting this time last year, then there would have been a tour in December?

Yeah that’s the one!

Jay – Yeah? Really good, and you know now, we’re planning next year’s December tour. Constantly moving circle, which is how I kind-of like it, so yeah… Repetitive but enjoyable.

And was the album get well received by your fans?

Jay – Yeah I was really happy with it, it was recorded with some beautiful friends. I kind of feel when I’ve done the album it’s not really my business any more and so start thinking about the next one. Right now I’m already thinking, the next one’s half done already.

When will it be coming out?

Jay – 1st of December. Same date, yeah, keep the circle moving. This one’s gonna be called “Spanner in the Works”, and it’s going to be pink.

Nice. So you performed at Glastonbury on the day that the EU Referendum results came through – what was it like with the ambiance? Obviously your music is very in touch with the news and thing’s that are going on around us, so how did it feel for you performing on that day?

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Jay – It was the first time I’ve ever used a gig as a kind of therapy for myself. I always enjoy playing shows, and I’ve never felt upset before I went onstage and I felt kind of like… Not relieved, but at least a bit more… I dunno, it all happened quite fast you know. I spent all of Thursday night at Glastonbury talking to people, getting their opinions, and also watching various people’s iPhones, and you could tell which way it was going to go, but I fell asleep and woke up at like 11am, and then at midday I was on stage. So it was like, I dunno, before I’d kind of formulated my thoughts, you know? I was upset, but it’s like there’s one thing about being upset, and there’s another thing about you know saying that you. I don’t want to stand on stage and say “I think we’re fucked”, you know, “everything’s going wrong”… Even though that was my gut instinct, so errr, yeah. I felt better after the gig than I did beforehand. I played two shows on the Friday, and then a show on the Saturday, where I feel like, I kind off used them all as a weird kind of therapy. I’ve never had to do in the past, unfortunately, I had to do it then.

It’s a good form of therapy to have…

Jay – It is yeah, and I was really, I was surrounded by good, you know – I think at the end of the day you know, I love Glastonbury, and so at the end of the day it’s a good place to hear bad things. I didn’t like what went down, but I’d much rather be there with people that wanted to talk about it than sat at home looking at my computer and reading the kind of media spin on it. It was you know pretty real, that, and it was happening, but at the end of the day you know the wheels do turn, still. And you can’t ever stop the party, at the end of the day Glastonbury’s a fuckin party, and it’s like, this is like, here’s the tragedy in the middle of a party – what do you want to do? You wanna sit down and cry about? The party still happens, and it happened with a different edge to it, for sure. But it still happened, and you know I’d rather party than cry.

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So you’re back at Blissfields again, how have you enjoyed your Blissfields this year and how’s it compare to previous years?

Jay – Yeah you know I found out when I got here it’s my tenth year! One of my first festivals I ever played was Blissfields, and I’ve been really blessed with festivals like this where normally they don’t book the same bands year-in, year-out, but I never get seen as like a real band. I get seen as a, I dunno, like a different thing that means they book me year-in year-out. I think it’s just cause I come and hang out for the whole time. So yeah in the same way as Glastonbury is, Blissfields is in my blood. So many stories have happened right here. It’s lovely to be back, and I think as someone who spends summer at festivals, coming from something as huge as Glastonbury, and then coming to Blissfields, I think everybody appreciates it. It’s right there and it’s on your doorstep and simple good people, good music, good times…


Jay – Blissful. Exactly that.

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