We first stumbled across Science of Eight Limbs at common people Southampton where they instantly grabbed our attention! When we saw they were on the line up at Blissfields festival too we thought we’d track them down and find out a bit more about them here’s what we discussed….


So how did you guys start up as a band?

Scott  – So science of eight limbs year and years and years ago was a side project that I had, I did a solo gig at joiners and Mike was doing the sound, and Mike was really digging it, then we ended up jamming together I saw Mike was an absolute beast on the drums and was just like Wow! This could be really cool. And we didn’t really have a clear idea of what it was going to be at first. We had a couple of gigs and didn’t have any vocals or things like that and we thought we liked the challenge of it really. We just kept it that way, we thought it could be quite cool proper fresh. Something completely instrumental just the two of us doing something a bit new really. So that was 7 or eight years ago.BlissfieldsSaturday16_ULXMusic_HannahNashPhotography (111)

Mike – Yeah basically it was like when I saw it, I thought yeah, this is someone on the same wave length, making big beat kind of stuff with loop pedals but like playing guitar exponentially better than I ever could. So I thought it was probably a good idea to leave that to someone who could actually do it, and so put two heads together to make something better, which I think, we might have done. We haven’t gone solo yet so!


Your music is quite free flowing, I get the impression a lot of it comes from jamming?

Mike – We come up with some core ideas, usually it’s more of a vibe than a specific beat or a specific chord structure it’ll be like what are we trying to feel? Without sounding too cliche we’ll be like this ones got to feel angry or this one’s got to be a bit trippy. So we’ll try and set our parameters on a feel rather than a tone.

Scott – Sounds and sonics influence it as well so sometimes there will be a certain sound that we’ve come across and then that sort of almost does the writing for it.

Mike – But essentially, yeah we jam.

Scott – Yeah we jam.


What other festivals have you done so far this year?

Scott – We did one in Guernsey last weekend called chaos fest. It was amazing, there was so many lovely people there, it was a biker fest people were doing burn outs and things like that, it was just wicked, really cool vibe.

Mike – You had like hell’s angels on one side of the field and just like side trance DJ’s on the other side of the field which were kind of aloud to have a tent there just because it was a place where things were happening so we kind of transcended it quite well, we were in the DJ’s tent so people were digging that and we had the hard core metal gang digging it as well so kind of perfect for us!

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Other than obviously the joiners what’s been your favourite venue to perform at?

Scott – The joiners is always going to be up there I mean we’ve both got soft spots for the joiners it’s been such a big part of our life, really, I’ve been going to the joiners since I was twelve! It’s been such a blessing having a venue of such caliber in your city! Because when you do venture out and you’re playing venues of that size you can find the sounds shit or it’s really difficult, there’s always problems. But the joiners has always been really well known for great sound, it’s really lovely people that work there and everything as well so I suppose, without being cliche or anything it probably would be joiners really! It’s definitely up there!

Mike – The concorde was quite cool.

In Brighton?

Scott – Yeah the concorde 2 was quite cool, but then I also like southsea. It’s always been about the vibe in Southsea, there’s always been really cool shows down there. Usually were just playing little pubs but on Albert road there always seems to be cool audiences down there.

Mike – Our favourite shows, and I’m sure it’s the same for most bands really are the sort of more pubs and club that aren’t venues, the kind of unassuming ones that always turn out to be banging gigs, they’re the ones you really remember. Rather than the ones with the best lights or the best production it’s the ones with the people that are there doing it just because they love doing it.


Any new material we can look forward to?

Scott – Yeah, well we try to not let the writing stop really, the idea is that it’s always flowing we try not to get stagnant on one sort of sound the only problem is actually finalising it so it’s ready for gigs. Tonight we’ve got  a couple of new songs. So the idea is to record again, keep everything moving as fast as it can really. Sometimes it can come down to funding. Having the money to record and stuff like that.

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Any advice for other musicians wanting to start up?

Scott – Don’t be to hung up on being something else really, without sounding to cliche again just enjoy it! It’s why you do it, you are literally there to entertain and so you wanna do it to enjoy it! It’s too harder work for it not to be that, you don’t want to be travelling backward and forward, paying for rehearsals doing all that if it’s not fun.

Mike – Don’t be scared to be different! Don’t be scared to be different. There’s so many times we could have just been like “we really should get a singer”, or “we really should get this or really should get that”, that’s not what it’s about, it’s different.

Scott – It’s nice for some people to not get it, and it’s cool I think just be happy with that, you’re never going to please everyone. And then if you are sticking true to yourself and stuff like that then the people that do get it, you’re going to have a much truer connection with. You know what I mean? You’re going to be coming from the same place, rather than getting a more.. You get what I mean.

I get what you mean.

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