The Isle of Wight’s Platform One College is a haven for young, local musicians to find their feet and collaborate with like minded Island artists. Max Cowley is one such islander to come storming out of the school with an irresistible hunger to share his music and his talent. The singer/song writer made his debut as the lead vocalist in Last Chance City, another island-based band that embodies a slightly experimental alt/rock spirit. However Max seems to have gone down a much softer road with his debut, solo-single ‘Believe In Me Now’ which displays his skill both as a musician, but also as a multi-instrumentalist. The track’s bread and butter is its sweeping, hopeful piano melodies. Drums are used sparingly, but helps to create an interesting dynamic. The single carries a universal message of remembrance and loss:


The death of my grandfather, my biggest influence in music and in so many ways. I wrote this song in a way that could relate to anybody who has lost a loved one. The song is basically stating that even though the person had passed, they are still around in many different ways, you just need to believe in them.”

This project, of which ‘ Believe In Me Now’ is the founding piece, is definitely a step away from his rock routes:  “…a lot of my influences are rock and indie bands. But for this project which is electronic, singer/songwriter I have taken main influences from James Blake and David Guetta musically”.

Max is now in the middle of producing the album of which ‘Believe In Me Now’ is the debut single. But he still intends to remain active on the Island’s musical circuit whilst working hard behind the scenes. In the meantime he continues to praise and promote the Island’s eclectic music scene:

The list of how many bands I admire (from the island) and recommend is so long that I could be here forever. But definitely check out Signals, Champs, Plastic Mermaids and some fresh new faces in The Sexy Pretty Things and Greg Barnes.”

Max’s single ‘I Believe In Now’ is available now on iTunes, other sites such as Google Play, Spotify & many more.

Written by Zoe Anderson

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