Isle of Wight natives Signals have done it again. They’ve managed to whip up a small, very demure musical storm with their new track ‘Lungs Apart’, which includes all their usual mystifying harmonies and charming indie sound. It’s been a little while since the group has released any new material, but their new track has certainty been worth waiting for. With a glossy music video accompanying it, ‘Lungs Apart’ certainly shows a higher production value and quality of sound than Signal’s previous EPs. Its nice to see such a great unsigned act moving forward and ULX is keen to see what the self-proclaimed ‘math rock’ band will do next. Could there be a new EP in the works? If Lungs Apart is anything to go by, then the group’s next few releases are set to be an absolute treat for the ears.

‘Lungs Apart’ opens with an Ellie Price’s southern Joanna Newston-esque vocals paint an ethereal, musical dreamscape whilst drum machines tapping atmospherically left right and centre. The band themselves openly adore the many harmonies that are dotted through their tracks, and there are some simply lovely ones in ‘Lungs Apart’. The chorus in particular features a great acapella duel between Price and the male members of Signals (all four of them). The end of the track turns up the volume and the reverb on Price’s voice, and it almost sounds like she’s filing up a large cathedral like-space. It’s a fitting end to a track that is refreshingly down to earth whilst being grand and mysterious at the same time.

Signals have always had greatly raw sound. ‘The Face Furniture EP’ especially shows off the dreamy mood that the group produce and this has been perfected beautifully in ‘Lungs Apart’. Price’s vocals consistently blend well with the rest of the gently snoring guitars and create an almost Bastille-like indie mood. The group have obviously doing the maths, and ‘Lungs Apart’ feels like a fine-tuning of the mystical sound that the group creates so seamlessly.

Watch the music video here:

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