Coburgs on a friday night is normally spilling with the sound of dance music for the masses to descend on. Not tonight though, tonight is a deafening explosion of punk and metal as Silencing the Voiceless unleash their debut album onto the world at their very own launch party with bunch of raucous yet equally talented guests!
Openers are Two Pint Shot Glass, who, originally a 3 piece have now recruited the talents ex Natelys whore guitarist/frontman Adam Hefty to the fold to bring the noise levels up to 11! The guys sail through a beautifully crafted set of rambunctious yet melancholy tunes. These guys take every opportunity to show their musical abilities by pumping new blood into old school punk!

Next to unleash the noise are Becoming The Leviathan. Bringing a melodic slant to the deathcore genre is no easy task but these bunch of 20 somethings make it look easy with heavily tattooed Will Camm’s vocals being stretched to the limit as he growls with passion and intensity to a mesmerised crowd who cant keep their eyes off a band soon to become heavyweights of fast developing genre!

As the headliners take to the stage the air of anticipation is nail biting, Silencing the 11082629_648827145223544_7970005688216181763_nVoiceless destroy all competition with their expertly delivered blend of Lamb of God inspired guitar work and vicious hardcore attitude, and an attitude that would make Suicidal Tendencies blush. Stu Clark’s vocals are on fire as he screams with every inch of his soul to an excitable crowd but all members of the band are tight and on form, guitarists Ben Smith and Simon Gammage power through this frenzied barrage of pure metal with absolute ease, drummer Ethan Hales and bassist Darron Murrant are the tac that glue this powerhouse together with precision and fury! Songs like Drag Me Down and End Of Days sound even better tonight than they do on record!

The evening has been a success for all involved. The crowd is sweating and worn out from throwing themselves around with pure joy but the smiles on the headliners faces upon exit prove they know how good they are and the potential they have as a musical unit!

All bands this evening have the ability to forge solid careers for themselves in the metal/punk world! A night in Coburgs well spent, all be it slightly deaf!

Written by Bobbin Dixon

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