The Weatherkings - Photography by Hannah Nash

It was Saturday the 19th December 2015, the night in which we gathered to celebrate 10 wonderful years of the existence of the best micro entertainment venue on  the Island, The Wight Rock Bar!

A plethora of eclectic and varied acts are lined up to play and hosting duties are given by the Islands very own poet extraordinaire King Stanmers to help celebrate this landmark in style. Over the years The Wight Rock has had many well established and upcoming acts through their doors, some of the latter have gone on to become UK superstars such as The Plastic Mermaids, Mark Grist, The Bluetones and Michael Mcintyre to name but a few so tonight all the stops have been pulled to prove to everyone that this place was and still is THE place to be!
The Ventnor Darlings - Photography by Hannah Nash

The Ventnor Darlings – Photography by Hannah Nash

Opening up the landmark shindig are The Ventnor Darlings who are always dressed to kill and ready to entertain. They set the standard extremely high for the other acts as they ploughed through their set with glamour and ease filled with unique interpretations of classic songs from across 4 decades! People still arriving are immediately filled with joy and some even put off going to the bar until their set has ended.
Filling the gap between acts is ULX magazine head honcho Hannah Nash or for tonight she will be referred to as DJ Nanna Hash, spinning rock and pop classics to keep the crowd entertained and filled with nostalgia as she goes seamlessly from decade to decade without so much as a millisecond gap.
Next up is electro princess ‘Ever’. Armed with a microphone, a selection  of drum pads and some noisy tech, Ever’s beautiful voice emanates emotional prowess as her songs keep a room filled with people in awe of such a young girl with such impressive talent. Her set is a powerful showcase of how talented she is!
Ever - Photography by Hannah Nash

Ever – Photography by Hannah Nash

Our headliners, well what can be said that hasn’t already been said about them? Not much, and if you are unaware of their existence, you should be questioning yourself! This evenings spectacle is an unusually stripped down affair as The Weatherkings in the form of a twosome consisting of Double Bass player Rafe Spencer and the enigmatic and downright Legendary frontman, Mike Rodriguez took to the stage. But the act wasn’t without the standard craziness you would normally get at a full Weatherkings show, its surprising how much noise can be made by 2 people! Lyrically bizarre songs are belted out continuously as Mike wows the crowd with his harmonica skills and unique showmanship. Their set ends in typical chaotic Weatherkings style and a raucous crowd give them a deserving send off.
With a sing song of Happy Birthday for the Wight Rock orchestrated by King stammers and Nannah Hash seeing out the evening spinning more classic tunes on the decks, it’s safe to say that a very well deserved and Happy Birthday was had by this truly loved micro venue!
Heres to the next 10 years!

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